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How do you tell some one that you're doing far better without them in you're life? That there's someone that fascinates you and is more like family then anyone in you're family is?

So here's what's going on I'm 22 now back when I was like 5 or 6 I met and eventually became best friends with this clot (as I see him now) when we were in high school he decided that even tho people would still link us (because we had been best friends like 2/3 of our life at the time) he wanted to pretend we weren't friends wouldn't even say hi in the hall because he was under the delusion that people wouldn't link us if he treated me like shit --that was only the beginning of a friendship that started getting tattered and ended up getting ended at another point he as a senior (granted a very childish one) decided he wanted to date a prissy freshman that was in the play --ended up turning it into a high stress enviroment for me where I would just hide around those I knew wouldn't create issues with/for me (the teachers/such in charge) there was even nearly a fight between me and that prissy freshman (am now nearly glad the bloke running everything was around) THEN there was the time the clot wanted to fuck me (ok many times) well at least I have good friends and my instincts there was ANOTHER time he wanted to come over I said "uhh no" which is still no well he came over anyway was insistently knocking on door window AND ringing our deaf person doorbell (21 times in like 30 min--needless I was petrified) I really SHOULD have called the cops on him that and possibly more times the only way I know it was him? Apart from a friend saying it may be was his message a few days later on Facebook "I hate you too bitch" or the like --such a kind way to treat a so-called friend isn't it? Such a kind way to say that you do care and were thinking ain't it?

I could prolly continue to go on and on about just that bit of our so-called "friendship" well the clot it appears may be blaming his "father" because he gave the clot a bad impression --well my moms a childish well bitch at times who seems to love to try to manipulate me whenever she thinks she can to the point I don't think I can ever trust her to be honest my uncle is a queen/brat depending on my mood he loves to get mad cause I can't read his mind because he doesn't talk --does that mean I'm a sour negative bratty bitch that only ever wants to benifit herself? That would be becoming like my family --no I am NOT that way at least I try my best NOT to be that way it's my personial CHOICE the clot could have easily chosen to make the choice --have I gotten pissed cause I couldnt find things? More then a few times have I punched holes in the wall like the clot has --nope! I have punched the tv and even our treadmill before no known damage to them tho

These days my most trusted friend actually has gone thru a good bit to earn that trust and has had a huge impact on my life has taught/shown me so much more then I thought possible and with our girl (hell even before but especially with her factored in) I place the chances of me getting even remotely mad at them at .00000000003% aka less then naught

Oh yea lol it took the clot YEARS to realize that yup we both went thru crap in school (guess I was just better at hiding it and continuing on?) well the clot wants to "bury the hatchet" whatever that rubbish means (yes I do suspect I know what it means but my instincts are saying to do anything but) thinks its a good time to get in touch with me for whatever reason yet as they "watch" me here and have commented on nothing has done nothing to even attempt to show they can be "friendly" only sent me messages begging for more chances claiming he has changed leaving out whatever's "convieniant" to him (brilliant!)

If the clot wants another chance they will STILL have hell to go thru to earn it just like they would have had 3 years ago when they were treating me like garbage and I just wanted to try to keep some bit of a friendship to honour the friendship we had at the time had for like 15 years but it would appear honouring a friendship that had lasted so long was too much to ask I suspected I'd regret breaking it off with ought even trying and even giving more chances then ANYONE thought I should I still regretted it but I had an amazing friend that cared to help me and now? I don't think I could care less about the clot he has had far far too many chances he needs to EARN any more that he gets the times I've wanted to just be friends well he has had outher things on his mind that only further show how little he cared/respected me

I think I'll still trust the reason I have my girl over the clot anyway --I think I'll still continue to love my god as I can't help but to after all what would you prefer? Nice warm cozy arms that you never wanna leave or someone that literally seems to love leaving you shattered?


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